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A "MSV – SPB" duet

Dear SPB Fans,

The song in discussion is “Enakkoru Kaadhali Irukkindraal…” from the film “Muthana Muthallavo” (1976). Music by MSV and lyrics by Vaali.

This song is one of the rare kinds in the sense that this involves both the Music Director and the singer performing together for the song with equivalents enacting the song on the screen. MSV & SPB being the singers with Thengai Srinivasan & Jai Ganesh enacting roles of MD and singer respectively on the screen.

I caught hold of this song in one of the discussion threads of “Song of the Day” series on one of the websites. I was greatly impressed by the rendering of MSV and SPB. Both have sung differently in their own styles quite contrasting to each other and have made it a masterpiece. The orchestration also is really unique and great for this song. Just listen to the piano and the violin bits – they are great. In this song MSV sings a major portion of the song with a Pallavi and two charanams with SPB singing a pallavi and one charanam.
I have given below the discussion threads about this song as copied form the site

Saravanan writes:

‘enakkoru kAdhali irukkinRAL’ from muththana muththallavO. Sung by MSV & SPB. Lyrics by Vaali. Music by MSV.

Instances of MSV singing along with SPB are something to cherish and celebrate.

Perhaps MSV was doubly enthused as the lines reflect his philosophy–how convincing he sounds as he sings his lines! And SPB at the other end enjoys himself as usual. Hark at the piano and the violin seamlessly blending with the voices and adding to the allure of this masterpiece.

Saravanan, terrific choice. Once again you guys take a song that has been playing in my mind only recently and make it SOTD! “The Master and the Commander” is how I would like to refer to this song as 🙂 SPB shows why he is in a different league altogether in this song.

This song is an all time favourite for most of the MSV & SPB fans. I think post-75 MSV completly relied on SPB only, to deliver what he wanted and never once Balu let him down.Tune,singing,interludes ,lyrics- a great song in every sense.
A genuine rare gem. When i heard this for the first time, i liked it instantly for the very reason that SPB just gives invigorating touch with his sweet sangathis and his slyly vocals.

This particular song is a fantastic one in all aspects. The style of MSV’s modulation and SPB’s modulation are different but perfect for the lyrics. A very good team work.

In the movie, Thengai Srinivasan acted as the Music director and Jai Ganesh as a singer. If I am not wrong, this must be the first movie to have music director in important role. Thengai Srinivasan perfectly (some times overdone) imitates MSV.
This song also had a mention in one of the SPB interviews as follows

An Exclusive Interview with S.P.Balasubramaniam
By Balaji Srinivasan (bb)

Below is an extract from the above interview related to the song in discussion

Balaji: You said that M.S.V gave you a lot of liberty. Can you take one song that you like and tell us how you recorded it? Like “enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL”.

SPB: avar anbaaga ennai niraiya thittinaar, andhap paattu paadumbOthu. He had composed, I went to the studio. He said, “ippO naama reNdu pErumE act paNNap pOrOm. naan oru Music Director. nee ennai chance kEkka vandhirukkE. indha soozhnilaiyilE oru paattu – naan piano vaasikkap pOrEn, nee ennOda sErndhu paadap pOrE”.

Then, I learnt this song. To start with, I thought the sangathi would be difficult to sing. avar anAyAsamA paadarArE, naan ennap paNNap pOrEnnnu nenaichEn. (hums the sangathi). ozhungaa varumaa? We were going to sing in the same booth – that was a live recording. With his encouragement, I got the confidence.

After a couple of takes, I went a little beyond the expectation of his. (Laughs) Take aanathukku appuram sonnAru, “idhu romba nallA irukku, naan illainnu sollalai. aanaa, modhal thadavai chance kEtka music director kittE vandhirukkaravan music director-ai overtake paNNi pOyAchunnA enga gathi ennAgumnnu manasilE konjam yOsanai paNNu. kutti viduvEn thalaiyilE, rascal! nee singer ippO. nee adhai manasile vachukittu pAdudA”nnaaru! (Laughter all around) Romba romba anbA sir, romba nallA irundhudhu andha situation.
Just listen to the way SPB ends the word “Thamizhosai” & “Ethirkaalam” at the end of the Pallavi and his charanam (a briga type rendering of the word, i would put it). Just out of the world. He has given the words a beauty by his great improvisation.
enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL avaL
Ezu surangaLil sirikkindraaL

gam pd niSRiS nndd pnddpm mg gpa..


enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL avaL
Ezu surangaLil sirikkindraaL
kItham avaLathu vaLaiyOsai
naatham avaLathu thamizOsai
thamizOsai.. (2)

panjamam pEsum paarvaiyil endrum (2)
paNjaNai pOdum enakkaaga
dhaivatham ennum thirumagaL mEni
kaigaLai aNaikkum inidhaaga

(enakkoru kaadhali)

ennudan vaazum innoru jeevan (2)
mellisaiyaagum ennaaLum
vaiyagam yaavum en pugaz pEsa
kaivasam aagum edhirkaalam

(enakkoru kaadhali)

thEnsuvaikkiNNam Endhiya vaNNam
naan tharu paadal avaL thandhaaL
mOhanam ennum vaahanam meedhu
thEvathai pOlE avaL vandhaaL

(enakkoru kaadhali)
Please click on the title “A MSV-SPB duet” to listen to this great duet by the composer and his able disciple.

  1. 3:38 முப இல் திசெம்பர் 27, 2006

    Dasarathi sirI already send to Mr.Sunder sir this song. I think he will post in Tamil blog very soon. Gread information. Thanks.

  2. 4:30 முப இல் திசெம்பர் 30, 2006

    Hi,Neenga romba rasichu ezhuthiyirukkeenga…romba nalla irukkuChitra

  3. 7:35 பிப இல் ஜூலை 10, 2008

    Dear Ravee sir , Dasarathi and others,Really a nice write up to raed and know the infos.Thanks to you all.we will meet like this often.Soon I will meet you in person Ravee sir.regardsthanu

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