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Ennodu Paattu Paadungal – Episode dated 21.04.2007

Dear SPB Fans,

I am glad to bring to you one of the previous episodes -EPP-21.04.07 (courtesy : Covai Ravee for the audio file links). Please excuse for the long delay in posting. All pending episodes will be posted shortly so that we are current on this.

This episode was a continuation of the episode dated 07.04.07 (there was no program on 14.04.07 due to Tamil New Year special programs) with the same set of 6 contestants. The chief judge for the previous episode was veeNai Gayatri and she also continued her presence for this concluding episode of the contest.

Details of the program as follows :

Kural for the Episode :

(Kural No.505)
பெருமைக்கும் ஏனைச் சிறுமைக்கும் தத்தம்
கருமமே கட்டளைக் கல்.
By the touchstone of deeds is seen,
If any one is great or mean

Our SPB explains it as follows : Living through our own hard work is pride. Living through thefts is defaming.Coming up in life through effort is pride. Going up in life by riding on others’ back is not good. Our own actions determine whether we are big or small people. This was told by another poet also as “Uzhaithu vaazha vendum pirar uzhaippil vaazhdhidaadhE”. One who plants a tree near his house on the roadside is a big man for the tree gives shades, fruit and benefits to others whereas one who plants a bomb on a train is small in stature for he is taking away life. We will join together to bring the ones who plant bombs on train to the front to face action. We will save the country thereby.

First Round of this Episode (second round of the contest):

As detailed in the previous posts, this round features fast paced or peppy or rhythm-oriented numbers chosen by the contestants themselves.

The list of songs of this round were,
1) Kottap paakkum…… from “Naattamai” (Mano & Janaki)
The contestant was Ranjani. Her rendition was good. Our SPB said that he had a feeling of having seen Chitra 10 years back. Chief Judge Gayatri said that for a song, feeling is very important as it also spreads to the audience. She complimented the contestant for singing with good feeling.

2) engEyum eppOdhum…. from ninaiththAlE inikkum (SPB)
Bharani Krishnan sang this song. He did not sing it with the required punch. Our SPB informed the contestant that he noticed an improvement in the body language for his body was reacting to the mood of the song. However, he advised the contestant to bring that to his voice as well. SPB also made known that his own performance was only 75% of what the music director M.S.Viswanathan had demonstrated during the recording. MSV had been as ferocious as a lion while explaining the song to our SPB. He said that so much energy is required to be pumped into the song to bring the feeling of josh. He sang out the pallavi himself to demonstrate how it should be sung. He also advised on the breath management technique to be followed.

3) Idhu oru nila kaalam…… from Tik Tik Tik (Janaki)
Shaswathi Jagheesh rendered this song. She sang it with good feeling and peppiness. Our SPB complimented her but said that the tempo should have been slightly better. Otherwise he was happy with the song. He praised IlayaRaja’s peppy composition also and also some technicalities like use of bass guitar and so on, employed for the composition.

4) ennai konjam maattri…. from Kaakka Kaakka (Shalini & Tippu)
Radhika rendered this. Our Guruji complimented the contestant for a good rendering of the song. However, he asked her to take care of diction on the Tamil letters namely “la” & “La”.

5) nee yengE…. from chinna thambi (Swarnalatha)
Pallavi sang this number well.

6) SollaththAn ninaikkirEn…….. from Kaadhal sugamaanadhu (Chitra)
Vijayalakshmi sang this song really well. As mentioned in the previous episode, she was the youngest contestant aged around 14 years. Our SPB was really stunned by her rendition for he said to her “Vijayalakshmi, how is that all these small sangadhis are easily coming into your voice. You have added your own also into this song without realising it. These sangadhis are coming out so beautifully in your voice. That is so very very nice. I feel very happy. But the only complaint i make is that you should get a little bit more involved while singing a song. Anyway as Gayatriamma had said in the last episode you are still very young and it should come to you with experience”. According to me, this is one of the best compliments that our SPB had bestowed on a contestant in the entire series of episode.

Final Round of the contest :
This round featured songs which the contestants had to identify from the tune rendered by our SPB which was from a collection of songs submitted by the contestant during audition. The songs under this category were

1) ottakkaththa kattikO…. from Gentleman (contestant : Ranjani): Our SPB complimented the contestant for recognising the song from whatever he had mouthed. He also praised her confidence in singing saying that he himself normally took 30 minutes to settle down in any program before singing confidently whereas she was perfoming casually without any anxiety at all.

2) sippi irukkudhu….. from varumaiyin niram sigappu (contestant : Bharani Krishnan) : Our Guruji mentioned to the contestant that his life would be smooth if he was as soft in life as he had been while singing. He advised the contestant to sing with greater emotion as required in the song. He then sang out a few lines adding his own words. The line was “mayakkam thandhathu yaar, thamizhO, MSV’O”, kannadaasanO“. This was received with good applause by the audience in the Studio

3) rojavai thaalaattum….from ninaivellam nithya (contestant : Shaswathi Jagdeesh): Our SPB also hummed at a few places of the song and also sang a few lines of the pallavi along with the contestant who must have been on Cloud 9 having had the Legend sing along with her. He lovingly talked about the greatness of IlayaRaja and his composition at this juncture by using lot of adjectives.

4) konja nEram …. from chandramukhi (contestant : Radhika): he advised the contestant not to take too much liberty with the original composition for she had sung with a few changes here and there. The song has a few words about Kannadaasan and our Great mentioned that he seemed to appear frequently in the lyrics of many songs, so great was he. He also complimented Vidyasagar saying that he was a very good composer.

5) taj mahal thEvaiyillai…. from Shah Jahan (contestant : Pallavi) : he advised the contestant to sing with more involvement and confidence. As in the previous episode, he advised the contestant to do away with singing in false voice.

6) yamuna nadhiyingE……from Gouravam (contestant : Vijayalakshmi): our SPB was happy with her singing. He said he wanted to lovingly talk about the music director of this song (MSV) but could not since MSV was a very senior person and he may get beaten up if he talked that way.

With this, all the three rounds of the contest were completed – first round in the previous episode and 2nd & 3rd rounds in this episode.

All the three – our SPB, the chief judge veeNai Gayatri and ManoBala came on to the stage. Our SPB thanked the chief judge veeNai Gayatri for having participated in the program inspite of her busy schedule and also for the interesting details and hints she had provided during the course of the program, for scoring the contestants and also for encouraging the contestants. He handed over a small momento to her on behalf of the organisors. He mentioned that all the contestants had performed well. He wondered at how much effort would have gone into their singing.

VeeNai Gayatri felt that all sang well. She said she was not for hurting others but she had no other go here at the contest. She said that all the contestants had talent in excess and also in equal measure. She said “practice like a devil and perform like an angel” as advised by her father. She wished everyone good luck.

Then our SPB delivered his message for the episode.

Message from our SPB :
The message for this episode was “the marriageable age is 21 but still many girls are being married off at ages of around 16. Even though the reasons could be due to economics, considering the physical and mental make-up of a girl it is advisable to have her married off only at or above the recommended age. This would ensure that the marriage is long lasting”

Announcement of the Contest Winner :

The scores were as follows :

Vijayalakshmi : 209, Pallavi : 175, Radhika : 203, Shaswathi Jagdeesh : 219, Bharani Krishnan : 189, Ranjani : 253

ManoBala announced Ranjani as the Winner based on the highest score of 253 that she had scored.

SPB song :
Ranjani joined our SPB to sing the song “muthumani maala…..” from “chinna gounder” thus accomplishing her dream of singing with the Legend and also moving into the next round.

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  1. 4:17 முப இல் மே 27, 2007

    Great job.I have not sung before but HE has inspired me (lol) into trying to sing now a days. oflate, Everyday I sing with HIM.

  2. 3:22 முப இல் மே 28, 2007

    தாசரதி சார், அருமையான பதிவு. இதில் ஒரு ஸ்பெசாலிட்டி என்னவென்றால் கடைசி செக்சனில் போட்டியாளர்கள் பாடும் போது ஒவ்வொரு பாடலுடனும் பாலு அவர்கள் சேர்ந்து பாடுவது அபாரம். இந்த போட்டியாளர் குழுவில் இருப்பவர்களூக்கு இது ஒரு வரப்பிரசாதம். இந்த எபிசோட் நான் மிகவும் ரசித்து பார்த்தேன். பதிவுக்கு நன்றி.

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