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Our SPB at the Rotary Felicitation Ceremony of MSV-TKR

ISAI ARANGAM – Inauguration of the Fellowship of Music Loving Rotarians

October 2007 has been a very lucky month for Chennai based fans what with three golden occasions to meet up with the Legend.

NinaiththalE Inikkum – A Musical Concert on 13.10.2007
• Ennodu Paattu Paadungal Finals Recording on 14.10.2007
• Felicitation to MS.Viswanathan in presence of our SPB on 20.10.2007

This translated to around 7 hours of dharshan for all who happened to be present on all these occasions.

I have already posted a write-up on the first event. I do not want to write about the Ennodu Paattu Paadungal Programme as it would be better watched when due and also it would not be fair when the finals is still due for telecast by the Channel.

Now I will go ahead with a write-up on the Felicitation Event that took place on 20.10.2007 at 6:30pm

Program : Inauguration of Fellowship of Music Loving Rotarians (Dist.3230)
Venue : Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai

First let me thank our Member Cum Auditor cum Rotarian Mr.Ilangumaran for having presented us with the golden opportunity of being with the Legend once more this month. He had in fact provided the Fan Group with 20 passes so that we could all participate in the event and meet SPB and also felicitate the TWO LEGENDS of music. This in turn had given me one more oppurtunity to write in great lengths about our SPB

We all assembled at the Russian Cultural Centre, Kasturi Ranga Road, Chennai at around 6.00pm. All were very excited at the prospect of meeting the Great again. They say too much of Honey is not good. This however does not apply to our SPB. In fact, too much of HIM is always SWEET HONEY for all of us. We promptly entered the auditorium (which had around 250 seats) and found ourselves comfortable seats. Our initial presumption was that there would be Felicitation to MSV in our Guruji’s presence and that HE and others would deliver speeches on MSV, finally culminating in one or two songs from the velvet throat & golden heart of our SPB. But we were surprised to find an Orchestra Troupe occupying the stage. The Orchestra was none other than Sruthilaya – the one used for Ennodu Paattu Paadungal Program. One could identify Suresh, the tabla player and Vijay the Keyboard player – these two being pets for our SPB as observed during the recordings of the EPP programs. The immediate impression one got was that we were going to be treated to a flurry of MSV golden hits with our SPB contributing a song or two in the process.

Well, when one of the Rotarians announced on the Mike requesting all the singers to come on to the stage, it sunk in that the singers were Rotarians themselves who had great passion for singing and like many, I wondered the purpose behind this (this was later very well explained by the District Governor Mr.A.S.Venkatesh. I will dwell upon that later).

From the time we had entered the auditorium, our eyes and ears were tuned in for detecting any clue to the arrival of the LEGENDS. Meanwhile the music started off and Rotarian after Rotarian invaded the stage singing MSV’s golden hits, with some of them captivating us with their presentation of songs and some with their dedication and passion. It was heartening to hear the songs in different voices. In fact, most of them did enough justice to the songs. Their passion for music showed up in their enthusiasm, even though, some of them were a bit tentative, maybe, due to lack of experience & stage fear. As our SPB later observed, their rehearsals showed up in their performance. Sruthilaya was simply superb with Vijay on the keyboard compensating the absence of original instruments and other instrumentalists accompanying adequately. One could savour the beauty of MSV-TKR’s compositions that evening.

Some of the songs were chandrodhayam oru penn aanadho, kumari pennin ullathilae, poo maalayil oar malligai, neerodum vaigaiyilae, nilave ennidam nerungaadhe, vinnodum mugilodum vilayaadum vennilave, kanaa kaanum kangal mella, senthamizh then mozhiyaal (by a young boy), thangaratham vandhadhu veedhiyile etc…………….

At around 7.15pm, our SPB entered the auditorium to a partial standing ovation. The compere for the evening announced the arrival of the “Paadum Nila”. We were waiting for this lovely moment and from then onwards our eyes were feasting on HIM, watching his cute reactions to the song being rendered on stage. One could see him give attention to the singers on stage and quite visibly showing appreciation after each song. One should really learn from the LEGEND. When seated among the audience he became a part of it and was enjoying and acknowledging the efforts of the singers. It is a boon to any aspiring singer to sing in his presence and all singers on stage must have been on Cloud-9 with the LEGEND listening to their rendition. Some of the SPB fans (Venkat, Madhu madam’s daughter) were on all fours before him, taking snaps using their cam-mobiles & cameras. Some of them took repeated autographs and blessings too. Many of the Rotarians and dignitaries came over to wish HIM and as ever, HE humbly obliged them with an ever pleasant smile. He had listened to a few songs when there was a sudden bustle and everyone was on their feet. One immediately understood that the “Maamannargal” of Light Music “M.S.Viswanathan & T.K.Ramamurthy” had arrived. They were warmly received by one and all. SPB met up with them and one could hear MSV asking SPB how come he was there (maybe he was not aware that our SPB had been invited ???!!!). Most of those present wished them and took their blessings. The TWO LEGENDS seated themselves alongside our SPB for a while, and then all the three were called on to the stage along with the Rotary Governor Mr.Venkatesh for going ahead with the felicitations. Mr.Venkatesh was first called upon to deliver the opening speech. He welcomed the LEGENDS and thanked them for their acceptance to come over and be a part of the program. He explained that this was an inaugural meet on formation of the Fellowship of Music Loving Rotarians from Rotary International District No.3230. He then went on to clarify the query that dwelled in many minds “The need for Rotarians, that too amateurs, to perform on stage”. He said that many had asked him the need for all this. He expressed that music had many dimensions. It could sooth the soul, relieve stress, unite people, and serve as a medicine ………. While one knew that Rotarians were primarily indulged in society related endeavours, he expressed that there was a need for a forum for bringing them all together under a different atmosphere. He then spelt out that the purpose of forming a Fellowship of Music Loving Rotarians was to create a platform for all the Rotarians to come together along with their families and thereby discuss and exchange ideas & progress of projects at length in addition to enjoying an evening of music. He said that this Fellowship had been formed with the formal approval of Rotary International and that it was an accredited entity. He also said that it was a unique initiative from the District. Having formed the entity, it was felt that it would be befitting, only if, it is formally inaugurated by someone who had the utmost status in the world of Film music. Who else other than the Maamannargal can fit the bill? And so he said they were requested to inaugurate. He then said that all the singers were amateurs and had put in lot of rehearsals for the program and hoped that all would enjoy it. He then started off about our SPB by saying “one need not tell anything about Balu…”. Our Great put a great stop to that by commenting “TELL ABOUT THEM – “Maamannargal and not ME””. Meanwhile an enthusiastic Rotarian came forward to talk about our SPB for a few moments. He said that he had just one thing to say about him. When the Rotarians had called upon SPB for his date, citing the felicitations to MSV they were given a prompt reply within 12 hours after confirming schedules. Moreover he said that their experience with celebrities was that one had to monitor their movement before a program to know exactly the state of their location and when they would arrive, whereas, with SPB, without any fuss, he had landed at the auditorium giving no trouble to the organisers. This appreciation of our SPB’s quality was received with a good round of applause. Our SPB was not one to take this appreciation silently. He said “who would not want one more chance to see God (meaning MSV)” and dismissed all these as something normal. HUMBLE, HUMBLE, YES PAPA. WILL HE CHANGE? NO PAPA.

Next was the felicitation to the Music Emperors. It had a funny tale attached to it. When one the Rotarians was called upon to present a shawl, he approached MSV but MSV wanted TKR to be attended first whereas TKR was of the view that first MSV should be taken care of. This exchange of love & respect went on for a few engrossing moments and finally TKR accepted the first honour followed by MSV and then our SPB. This incident brought out the respect that MSV had for his elder partner.

Some of the prominent Rotarians were also honoured by the LEGENDS.

Then, our SPB was called upon to start off his speech. Yes, start he did, with measured anger !!! He was visibly angered at the state of music composition these days except for a few good composers. He said that it was his duty to call “a spade” “a spade”. He went on to say that what present day composers are doing is nothing new. The “Light Music Emperors” had done it all 40 years back. There was nothing new to be done except adapting their compositions, he said. He then went into a flashback mode, recollecting his first day with MSV. He told that his friend Bharani, an artist had introduced him to Director Sridhar recommending for songs. It seems Sridhar said that the decision of MSV would be final and so our SPB was called to meet MSV. Meet he did and sang “Nilave Ennidam NerungaadhE…” in his own style. Impressed was MSV with the young boy’s (he must have been 18 at that time) voice and rendition but not so with his Tamil diction. It seems MSV asked him to learn Tamil and come back. Our SPB mentioned that from then onwards he literally used to go around trying to learn Tamil letters and words and improving upon them by looking at cine posters. Two years passed on like this, he said, when one fine day he had a rendezvous with MSV again in a recording studio. Our SPB had walked past the Music Director after wishing him (he did not have the courage even after 2 years after their first meet to go in front of MSV and sing in Tamil) with the MD acknowledging it and proceeding in the opposite direction. Our SPB said that MSV suddenly traced back his steps and stopped him and queried “if he was the Balasubramanian who had met him two years ago for a chance“. He enquired why he had not approached again. Our SPB had conversed in Tamil saying that he was not yet quite sure about his Tamil. MSV had commented that his Tamil was quite OK and had asked him to sing for him for the film Hotel Ramba with LR Eswari. The film was not released at all!!!!. He said that, if not for MSV, he would have been an unknown entity in the Tamil Music World – thunderous applause followed. He also added saying that MSV had mentioned that if it was not him, then, some other Music Director would have given him a chance, which our GREAT countered by saying that only the blessings from a right person (MSV) can take one to great heights. MSV was overwhelmed on hearing this. Our SPB also observed that even though other singers like TMS, Susheela, PBSrinivas were good at the start of their careers, their singing capabilities attained right dimensions only under MSV’s supervision. With that, he went on to say a few words of appreciation on the amateur Rotarian singers who had performed that day. He said that considering their level of exposure and limitations, they all had given a good performance. This reflected on the extent of rehearsals they would have had. He concluded with that and returned to his seat.

Next, MSV/TKR was asked to speak. Once again a pet tussle took place as to who should speak first. Finally TKR succumbed to MSV’s pressure and delivered a small speech. He started off saying that HE (MSV) did everything but gave him the credit. He said that he was not one to talk much but given a violin he could play on for hours. He also honoured our SPB when he complimented him abundantly by saying that when a 50% frame work for a song was given to him he made it 100% through his singing. What better compliment, that too from a LEGEND. One could find that SPB was quite embarrassed with this compliment.

MSV took over next. He started off saying that SPB used to express everywhere that he had not been given any award and had not been duly recognized. He said that it did not have any impact on him. He then went on to narrate an incident wherein he told that once he had gone down South to attend the funeral of a lady known to be one of his ardent fans. He was shocked to find that his songs like “veedu varai uravu…” were being played on the audio system. He said that he called on the son of the deceased and had enquired why film songs were being played on this sad occasion. The son had replied that before death his mother had expressed her wish that when she died, the songs of MSV should be played so that her soul would rest in peace. MSV completed it by saying “WHICH AWARD WILL BE GREATER THAN THIS”. He further told that there were many such incidents which gave him the fulfillment that he had been duly awarded by the masses and that other awards would not have been quite as significant. He also expressed profoundly that all the fame he had earned was due to the efforts put in by the singers, the musicians, the lyricists who had given life to his compositions and said that he was indebted to them. He mentioned one particular song of our SPB “kadavul amaiththu vaiththa maedai…” and complimented by saying that SPB had given a new dimension to the song through his rendition. He pointed out that SPB always used to say that it was the other way (because of MSV the singers had earned fame). At this juncture, our SPB suitably countered when he said “Like you say we were instrumental, why can’t I say that you were instrumental to my growth”. That closed off the debate. MSV further expressed that there was pressure on them to create something more whenever they were called for such felicitations. He took it as an indicator for them to perform better and give better music. All these thoughts, even after having achieved so much !!!!!!. Our SPB provided the icing when he said that one could never find MSV idle. He was always busy trying out new compositions and mentioned that even ten days back he had sung a song for a new composition of MSV (maybe for some album, I am not sure). He also elaborated on the simplicity of the MAN when he said that he was so uncomplicated that he did not even know how to use a cell phone leave alone other gadgets. It was always music, music and music for him, he said.

Just before closing off the felicitation, our SPB suddenly caught hold of the mike and announced that the SPB E-Fans members would be felicitating the “MAAMANNARGAL” (our members had already bought two silk shawls for presenting to the LEGENDS and it seemed that our Ashok/Venkat has expressed their desire that SPB present the shawls to the TWO LEGENDS) and he asked one of the members to come on to the stage. Ashok bounced off to the stage and was really in a trance when our SPB asked him to present the shawl to the TWO. Our Ashok completed the act in a dazed state and returned back floating. Meanwhile our SPB was giving a brief about our Fans Group and mentioned about our activities too. NEVER DOES HE FORGET US. With this, the felicitation came to an end. Many of the Rotarians started pressurizing our SPB to take possession of the stage for the next one hour and present MSV songs in his velvet voice. But our SPB, as ever, highlighted that the purpose of the program was something else and that only the Rotarians should sing and he along with MDs would listen to them for some more time. He finally did agree to sing a song later. With that the THREE occupied their seats and enjoyed a few songs. The MDs left the auditorium and then our SPB came on to the stage and rendered one of his favourite and evergreen song “vaan nila nila alla en vaalibam…..”. The mike, the sound system were the same but when our Guruji’s voice entered the music system it multiplied in great proportions and gained a new dimension and captivated us all, as ever. Before leaving the stage, he blessed all the Rotarians and asked them to continue their musical endeavours. He recommended that they conduct such shows once in three months and committed that he could always come over and listen to them singing at these shows. WHAT MORE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT DOES ONE NEED ? Blessed are the Rotarians.

We exited the auditorium and went on to the dining hall to devour a hearty dinner arranged by the Rotarians. We all left the venue very pleasant with the happenings and having captured one more beautiful image of our SPB on the screens of our hearts


  1. 4:44 முப இல் நவம்பர் 2, 2007

    Dasarathi sir, GR8 Narration. All the best.

  2. 12:28 பிப இல் நவம்பர் 2, 2007

    Dear Sir, Thanks for posting this wonderful narration, so that all the members of this group would enjoy the moment by reading this article. Its a Class. keep it up. Venkat.

  3. 5:15 பிப இல் நவம்பர் 4, 2007

    It was a great day for me to have honored the living legends. I was overwhelmed while presenting the shawl. May GOD bless these two LEGENDS a hale and healthy life.Dasaradhi: Excellent video presentation sorry narration!!!Regards,ASHOK.

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