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SPB Concert in Auckland on 23rd feb 2008

Dear Frineds,

This is a Details report SPB Concert in Auckland on 23rd Feb, 2008. Mr. Dominc Raja send to Mr. Vikas, Mumbai the Lovely Details report about Concert. Enjoy his feelings. I thank to Vikas send for immediatly for our members.

Could have requested you to request SPB to meet me for 2 minutes atleast at the concert. The concert was on Sat(23/Feb 08)in Auckland, terrible raining weather with storm. Auckland is not like India, tight security in the concert, I had to take back the photo camera to my car, not allowed inside, so no chance of a video recording. The organisers are mainly money minded, people from Hyderabad.
SPB is a real gem though but unfortunately he has to play along with authority.
SPB was conferred with 2 awards , one from Telugu association and other from Kannada koota of new Zealand.
SPB’s big honour was that the Prime Minister was the chief guest at the concert.
SPB was majestic, dazzling, dynamic and full of energy and blast.
He enthralled the audience with some beautiful and spell bounding resonating with audience clapping, numbers from Telugu, Tamil, Hindi & Kannada films.
The other singers were, S.P.Sailaja, Mallikarjun & Gopika Poornima.
Mallikarjun was a good support to SPB and is a good dancer.
Songs performed in order were:-
1) Sangeetha Sahithya – Swathi Kiranam
2) Illaya Nila – Payanagal Mudivudhilai
3) Tere Mere Beech mae – Ek Duje ke Liye
4)Shankaraa Naadasa – Shankarabaranam
5)Andhi Malai – Raaja Paarvai
6)Jothe Jotheyalli – Geetha
7)Sundari kanaal – Dhalapathi
8)Telugu Song( I don’t know)
9)O’ Maria – Saagar
10)Vedham Anu Anu – Sagara Sangamam
11)Manil Indha Kadhal – Keladi Kanmani
12)Pehla Pehla Pyaar – Hum Aap ke hai kaun
13)Jeeva veenai – Hombisilu
14) first verse of Aayiram Nilavae vaa (Adimai Pen)
15) Mallarae Mownama – Karna(he started this song with Yeh Duniya ke rakhwalae)
16)Engeyum Epodhum – Ninithalai Innikum( He let Mallikarjun start this song and dnace with it , in the middle of the song SPB took over), what a difference, He can just about tower/shadow any singer in the world).
17)Another Telugu song
18) Dhil Deewana – Maine pyaar kiya
19) Balailakka – Shivaji the Boss
20) Wind up Telugu song.
I am going to remember this for Ever, I was lucky indeed.
Down side is the chepest gallery ticket was NZ $50.00(Rs.1500), next is $100 na d the front seat were $250, which included dinner with the stars. I could not afford $250(house rent for a week over here is around $300). Nothing is fai r, it is a lot better these days to live and work in India. Compare the Rs.250 for the SPB meet.
I made up a audio CD of over 25 English songs from the best American singers and gave it to the organiser(Ravindra) to pass it over to SPB in the concert(interval). I do hope he likes my selection. No chance or way to ask him.

All the best

  1. 4:18 முப இல் பிப்ரவரி 26, 2008

    dear anna,thnx a lot for posting.zakaas4u

  2. 10:08 முப இல் மார்ச் 2, 2008

    This is the more details of this concert from My dear friend Dominic rajanna from auckland.The Hon.Rt. Prime Minister of New Zealand – Helen Clark came in about 30 mins late into the concert, straight from the airport. After she witnessed SPB sing, she had to come to the stage to address the artists and the audience in giving a speech. She said : ” I have watched Balu sing and in my mind I felt that He was the Frank Sinatra of India. She said, that she was honoured to have such a great singer who had recorded 39,000 songs in several Indian languages(including Bollywood) come to NZ . She said that this was Balu’s first visit and hoefully not his last.I cannot express in words how I felt at the concert. This has been my third SPB concert, first in 1980 in Illayaraja musical nite and second with MSV in 1985 , both in B’lore. This time I was speechless. SPB was wearing a 2 piece suit, and moved on stage like a colossus, a towering personality. It was sheer magic and charm, the audience were captivated and interacted with his teasing gimmicks, by singing choruses and clapping.SPB spoke most of the time in English and at the begining said : ” I will ask you all three useless questions; 1) How many can speak Telugu?. 2) How many can speak Tamil? 3) How many are Indian?.SPB said that music has no language barrier.He responded to audience requests and comments at times in Telugu and Tamil. But for once He spoke in Hindi, saying ,” Main App Log ke pyar aur Mohabath sae Shukur Guzaar Hoon. Ye Gaane aap hindi Logo ke Liye paesh kar raha hoon, Main jaantha hoon ki aap isko pasandh karengae and he sang, “Pehla Pehla Pyaar hai”.SPB was so humble and never missed a chance to praise and introduce on stage all his musicians. SPB had a lot of praise for Illaiyaraja and once mentioned that Dr.Balumuralikrishna was the ultimate singer. SPB gave opportunity for two local singers to perform a song each with his Orchestra.SPB was very satisfied by the Concert hall which is high tech designed with wonderful accoustics and is known as ,” Sir Logan Campbell Theatre “.When the prelude( I think mouth organ) of “Tere Mere Beech mae”, started, people started screaming for joy,,,, SPB stopped the music and askedthe audience, “So you think you know this song, we shouted , Yes!.zakaas4u

  3. 2:38 பிப இல் ஏப்ரல் 14, 2008

    SPB is a good person. He is genious and great person. I am a great fan of him. I did not go the Event because it was organised and produced by R- CUBE (Its aa worst company +++edited and removed by Author+++..)I dont know the owners name (i know but dont want to revil it) he is a ++++++edited and removed by Author+++).****Dear Anonymous, thanks for the comments, but please avoid any personal attacks in this blog. Thank you.

  4. 6:21 முப இல் மார்ச் 11, 2010

    I didn't understand the concluding part of your article, could you please explain it more?

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